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I grew up in Washington, DC and have also lived outside the city in the Maryland suburbs and then moved west of Chicago. I now live in Georgia north of Atlanta. I have 7 children, all adults now, and many grandchildren. When I find some extra time I love to quilt and actually taught it for many years before returning to the classroom when my children got older. I’m certified in Family and Consumer Science but the positions in that field are most often culinary and I really don’t enjoy cooking so I turned to teaching science which has always fascinated me. I used to design VBS lessons based on science. I came up with science activities based on lots of different bible verses.

Now I’m a science teacher and love learning and sharing new things. I’ve taught from preschool to high school and most grades in between. I teach in a brick and mortar school and also online. I’m always looking for new things to share with my students and different ways to do things. I thought I would gather them all together so I can share what I find. I hope you find something you can use here.

Zena Johnston

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. Alexandra K. Trenfor