This is the summative assessment that was used for all the Earth Science classes last year. It was developed by all of the teachers giving input and reviewing the questions. This assessment was developed from a pool of almost 400 questions. It covers the most important material from the school year and is modified each year with over half the questions not used on the previous four years of tests. Questions that have been shown to be problematic are removed or reworded.

The online version of this test contained a bank of 300 questions of which 100 were used. It was timed, one question was visible at a time, question order was randomized as was the order of the multiple choice answers. Students could go back and forth but there wasn’t enough time for students to look up answers and navigate back and forth through the test.

For both online and in person tests the grades closely mirrored those that the students already had in the class.

ES Final Exam Test