This is an example of an assignment that I had my students complete last year. We are required to do ADI labs but my class is not a lab science. It was decided that we would have the students read articles and complete a portion of the ADI assignment using the article.

This response was a google doc and my feedback was in the form of comments on each section. Copy of Ocean Article I tried to pint out what was done well and what needed to be improved to do better on the assignment next time. The assignment was the first time we were trying it in that form in our district. It was much more difficult than originally expected.  The next ADI assignment was from a series of Year of the Soil videos. Since there were 12 we did the first 4 as a class together on the board, the next 4 in groups, and the last 4 individually. Most of the class improved greatly in their understanding of how to answer the questions to generate a justification. The justification portion remained a difficulty for most of the students.