There are many ways to have formative assessments. My students like Kahoot but their favorite was when they had a 12 question quiz each week. Nine of the questions covered new material and three were review, usually questions that were frequently missed and concepts that we would be building on the following week. I had the quiz in the LMS. There were always at least 35 questions that covered new material and 20 that covered review. I opened the quiz Friday morning and closed it at the end of the school day Monday. There were unlimited attempts allowed with a 30 minute time limit.

This removed all test anxiety and gave the students two days that they could use to ask for help. Some of the students took the quiz 10 times and 90% of the students worked until they had only missed one or two questions. They appreciated being able to take the quiz multiple times and did a much better job on unit tests since they were very familiar with the material when they had their final exam.

The LMS I used provided analytics so I could see what questions were taken, how often they showed up, and which questions were missed. This gave me a lot of insight into what I needed to review the following week.

I look at misconceptions a lot when I am deciding what to teach. This website by AAAS Science Assessment allows me to pick pretested questions to check misconceptions about different science concepts. All of my students groan when we go over variables at the beginning of the year. It’s a critical concept for experimentation. This quickly lets me see what they do and don’t understand about variables and what the misconceptions are.

Here is the link to the assessment.

Here is a pdf of the test. assessment-zzaobj