The first object is a google slides/powerpoint that students can take about global trivia. It raises awareness about issues that will be covered in Environmental Science throughout the year. I used this the first week of class and it got students talking. Many of the students then shared it with family and friends and then came back and shared the results. This was a good way to find out what students knew and didn’t know as well as get the talking about what we would be learned this year.

The second object is a series of lessonpaths about the different geobiochemical cycles. The students have an assignment that requires the use of specific vocabulary when making a diagram of each cycle. There are resources on the document as well as these different lessonpaths that I created many years ago and update each year. I use them for my online Earth Science classes as well as my in person Environmental Science classes. he different lessons are a biogeochemical cycles overview, the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle, and the phosphorus cycle.