I have created an assignment about water pollution. It is a video with questions embedded in it.


Sample Question:

What system do many of the large, older, cities use to deal with water?

What do you think is done in many of the newer cities and developments that helps deal with this better? (Think, not in video) Explain why you think this would help reduce the problem that is seen in Newport.


Sample of feedback:

You are right when you say that many large cities use a combined sewer and storm water runoff. You did a good job of deciding that many newer systems split the two types of water. What would this system look like? How would the two streams of water stay separated? Do you think they would always be handled the same way? Would things change if there is a storm? You did a good job of thinking of a way to reduce the problems seen at Newport in new city construction but need to explain more. Next time when you need to explain your answer I’m sure you’ll do a good job of answering more completely I look forward to reading your next explanation. Please email me if you have any questions.