One great method of communication in an online class in a weekly newsletter. This can go to students and parents to keep them informed about course dates, school information, and fun things that are happening they might want to know about.


Emails are a good way to stay in contact with your students, their parents, other staff members, as well as people in the community that you may need to contact.

Here is an email that I sent to the parent of a student who is having problems.

Dear XXXX,

XXXX currently is not passing this semester and is not passing the course. You can go into the gradebook to see what his current grades are. He can still pass if he turns in his missing summative grades. He needs to finish his country project. The slides are all in his google drive and all the missing slides have comments so that he can easily find him. Remind him to use the CIA World Factbook to find his information. If he can’t find it there or at the given sites he needs to google it and mention in the slide if he still can’t find anything. He also needs to complete the Environmental Issues project. The directions are found on Friday 5/5. The assignment consists of 4 parts, a paragraph, video, article and activity.

Please email me if you have any questions. I would also be glad to call if you would like to talk to me about his work.

Thank you,

Zena Johnston, Ed.S.

Environmental Science

South Forsyth High School

Cumming, GA 30041

770-781-2264 x100369

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It is very important to communicate with everyone who is involved with your classroom. You need to maintain personal contact with people you work with. Email is by far the easiest way but it is also important to remember to pick up the phone and talk to someone when needed.

Marinating a newsletter is a good way to easily keep everyone updated with what is going on in my class. It also is a good way to send out any information that needs to go out for the course and from the school. Parents and students also like a regular newsletter because they come to expect a way to get regular communication for the class.