I created a Voki to introduce a reflection the students need to write about how West Virginia manages wildlife and how wildlife interacts as urban sprawl in Georgia increases. The students will then make a Voki to present their reflection.

What I like about Voki is that students can record their voice or use text to speech to have the avatar speak for them. This way students that don’t like to talk are given a voice that they can use. It’s also a lot of fun to create the avatars.

Here is a link to the Voki I created.

I have also had my students use Wordle when they are studying vocabulary and putting concepts for a unit together. I have also, when I taught other subjects, had them find synonyms for a word and put them into a wordle.





Create: Select one of the web tools mentioned in Create and build a new learning focused tool to differentiate instruction.


Artifact: Link to your created learning tool or take a screenshot and post in your blog.


Answer: What tool did you choose?  How do you plan to use the tool effectively with students? How does the tool differentiate the lesson? Explain.