I used Microsoft’s Sway to create a sample presentation for the initial google earth assignment. The directions are included in the sway presentation.

This assignment introduces the students to google timelapse and how to make observations of changes using it. They will then use search to find photographs that also show the changes. The students will practice adding screenshots to a presentation and look at basic changes man is making to the environment.

In Sway it is very easy for them to add the pictures and can add them as a group to cluster them together on the presentation. They can also easily add text to describe what they see happening over the thirty year timeframe that is included in the timelapse program.

I like this format much better than the assignment as I originally set it up where students added information to google docs. The end result is much better looking and probably is easier since there is no concern with picture size in the finished presentation. Many of the students were concerned because they had a hard time adjusting pictures size on their phones.

The program is available as an iOS app that allows easy addition of pictures and text. There is not an android version available at this time. Since this is the case I might look for a similar program that is available across platforms. The students can always access it on a computer though.

This program introduces my students to another way to present information easily, especially information that contains a lot of pictures and needs some text to emphasize the information. I found it easy to work with and well worth introducing to students, even with the app platform limitations.