I am using a public computer and can’t download a software package so I am downloading it to its learning which is the LMS package the Forsyth County uses. Since I am familiar with the program I’m hoping it will go easily. First I downloaded the zip file to my flash drive. I am now going to tools and apps, course content migration utility. I learned about this function when its learning finally got the capability to upload tests developed in examview. I am uploading the file to the file container. The first upload failed so I deleted what did upload and am trying again. ….And failed again. If this had worked I would have then uploaded the content into a class and then changed it, if needed, so that it would be aesthetically pleasing and the order of the assignments would make sense. I do know from experience that its learning doesn’t do a great job of importing material from other platforms.

I will use the preview copy to cut and paste information from the preview into pages that I create to hold the content, later.

I found that it takes 2 minutes to change pages and between about 10 minutes to recreate each of the pages from the sample. I set up the information in blocks, downloaded files on those pages and then uploaded them to the proper page. The layout I set up is a little different because I made blocks for each heading. I copied the pictures for the links along the sides and then hot linked them to the resources. For each of the keyhole items I opened it and sometimes that was the resource that I put into its learning. I didn’t recreate the quiz because it was already taking so long but I would be able to make a very similar quiz since its learning also supports many of those formats. If I hadn’t been so familiar with the platform this project would have taken much longer to complete.

This would have been much easier if its learning had accepted the zip file. I don’t know if its a block on the computer that I am using or the LMS isn’t accepting it. The platform has been updated since the second week of June. If this had been for work and during the school year I would have had a slew of help to get the file uploaded, but so be it.