I always use a calendar and learned long ago to combine movement with working online and teaching. During the school year I walk with another teacher every morning for an hour before school starts. It’s a great way to start the day. I move around a lot during the day. I’ve found that when I’m on the computer I need to make sure I get up and move regularly. I got a Garmin wristband that reminds me to move if I’ve been still too long.

In my high school class I make sure to get my students up and moving when we have a block period. Many of them would rather stay in their seats and never move around or go outside. I force the issue with lesson structure. They are much more alert when they do move around. Since they are addicted to their phones they all have installed google docs and slides and can work offline. We go outside and take pictures for vocabulary and to illustrate concepts. We will also take notes outside as part of our lessons. I am part of the SAGES writers group which is developing curriculum for the new standards that has as a part of every science standard an outdoor piece and an environmental action piece. I try some of the lessons out in my class and the students respond well to them.

In my online classes I have the students discuss different places outside and look for things outside that they then post on the discussion boards. They conduct simple labs, a lot of them outside of course, and share the results. I also have the students develop a calendar during the first week of class where they block in time for family activities, sleep, exercise, eating, and school. Many of them have said this is very helpful and makes it easier to get everything finished and keeps them from staying on the computer too long.

I did find the website Healthy Computing very interesting and will be sharing the information on that with others. The video was also a good review of how to sit when on a laptop or desktop.