Being a Digital Citizen.

A Digital Learning Community (DLC) can ensure that citizens within the community have access to an environment where an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) protects members as well as the community itself, where individuals uphold laws, and a cooperative/collective venture provides robust, safe, and ethical resources and opportunities for learning by clearly stating what the requirements are for all people participating in that community. Discussions should be moderated until the community becomes successful at self-policing inappropriate behavior and shutting those members out of the community for repeated violations. The best way to establish and maintain a flourishing DLC where citizens understand, observe, and are inclined to willingly support and ultimately benefit from Digital Rights and Responsibilities is to have a clear AUP. The guidelines in the AUP need to be clear and enforced. Agreeing to the AUP needs to be a requirement for joining the community. Concsequences should be clear if the conditions of the AUP are violated. For initial violations, of any type, the comments and information posted should be filtered through a moderator before being posted. For repeated violations the violator should lose posting access to the community.