My bookmarks are in Google bookmarks. I already use this site and this is the one that I have my students use to bookmark information since we can’t save bookmarks on any school devices. I never added tags to my personal page for some reason but went back and did that today. Below are my personal bookmarks since I don’t have access to my school account now.

I belong to NSTA and have accounts with Common Sense education, Discovery, LessonPaths, and Khan Academy already along with several others. I access the materials at all of them on a regular basis to use when teaching. Each has different strengths and fills different needs that I have. NSTA, Discovery, and Khan Academy are good sources of materials to use in teaching. I use Common Sense education to continuously inject internet skills and safety into my lessons. LessonPaths I started using when it was MentorMob to gather sites to use in my online classes. It gives the students a progression to follow for the lesson and allows me to easily have them visit several sites for each days lesson. I can include quick quizzes for each step if wanted.